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Michelle Pearson  

Hand made glass beads and jewelry, blown glass ornaments

Michelle is one of the founding members of Artmosphere Studio.  Her jewelry interests are primarily in glass beads, however she is experimenting with blowing small format glass vessels, beads and ornaments.  She teaches the holiday ornament classes and the introduction to glass beadmaking classes at Artmosphere.  Her work is available in the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts year round and at several art and craft shows during the holiday season.  

Michelle has always loved the cool textures and play of light found in glass.  She has been fascinated with glass since childhood, when her mother left her at the mall glassblowing booth while she did her Christmas shopping (those were different times).  Michelle probably had to be torn away after hours of watching his holiday demonstrations making torch worked swan barometers, tall ships, Christmas trees & roses.  

Michelle's style is generally traditional bead shapes in earthy, muted colors, but she has a sparkly infatuation too - Swarovski crystal in particular. She has collected Swarovski crystal figurines since receiving an owl for a high school graduation gift. Around 2009 she discovered the brilliantly faceted lead crystal beads and pendants which come in an amazing array of shapes and colors and began making jewelry with Swarovski crystal and brass findings.  

She has dabbled in many other areas of glass art and jewelry making and doesn't know exactly where her artistic future leads. For now, she continues learning new techniques and looks forward to mastering  her favorites in the years ahead.  Someone once told her you needed 20 years of experience in glass to be taken seriously.  She will get there.