Call for Beads 2017:
To support the mission of Beads of Courage, make an Alaska themed bead to go on the Iditarod Trail with a musher or veterinarian and up to 4 replicas for the Beads of Courage program. A full set would be 5 matched beads (or closely matching).  We don't want the number of beads to scare you off, but we need 76 sets of beads to make sure we have a bead packet available for every musher who wants to carry one.  We decided on smaller sets this year so some people might be able to make more than one set.  Make as many as you are moved to give!  Beads should be able to survive the journey in a pocket or buried in the sled bag.  Keep weight in mind too - they count every ounce they'll be carrying for 1000+ miles.  Stick to the Beads of Courage standard requirements - 3/32 in bead hole, no silver glass on the surface, and no sticky out parts that will easily break.   Include your name, mailing address, email address and website if you want us to link to it from our Facebook pages.  Yes - we are shooting for hand made glass beads, but will happily take ceramic, polymer clay, or beaded beads too.  If you made the beads & want to help Beads of Courage - it counts!
Beads for 2017 Iditarod will be packed up for the trail at Artmosphere Studio on Feb 26, 2017. Please drop your beads off at The Bead Shack or The Alaska Bead Company in Anchorage or mail them to Artmosphere Studio in time for packing.  Any beads received after the cut off will still be accepted and either put on the trail if we can, used for fundraising at Bead Challenge or donated directly to Beads of Courage.  
Mail beads to Artmosphere Studio, 501 W 41st, Unit  D, Anchorage, AK 99503.  Include your contact info so Beads of Courage can thank you and so we can let you know which musher is carrying your bead. 
Use the Sign-Up Genius form linked here to let us know you're sending beads or how you can help locally.  
Share the info!  Each year the Anchorage artists wind up making a couple to a few dozen sets - or we have to split sets to make sure we have enough beads to send.  Share the call for beads & help us get more sets this year! 

Contact Michelle Pearson for further info at mpearson29 at yahoo dot com or 907-317-0469.

Musher bead pairings will be posted on the Hot Headed Honeys and Artmosphere Studio Facebook pages after the mushers get bib numbers at the 2017 banquet March 3.  If we miss anyone prior to the banquet, we try to catch them at the Anchorage start, so some pairs will be announced later in the day of the start, March 4.  Follow the race on Facebook and to cheer your bead on throughout the race!  We do our best to get as many beads on the trail with mushers as we can.  We also send one with The Teacher on the Trail, Make a Wish Iditariders, veterinarians, or pilots if they want to carry them too.  

The actual Trail Bead returned by mushers will be displayed in the children's infusion center at The Children's Hospital at Providence in Anchorage for the month of September and then used for BOC fundraising at a future event.  We are sending all the original trail beads to Beads of Courage in Tucson this year. If you have an idea (and time & energy to help) to auction off the original trail beads let us know.  Otherwise they could be used in a permanent display at Providence or Beads of Courage HQ.  The replicas will be available for purchase at the Beads of Courage Fine Art Market - or Bead Challenge at Artmosphere if we do it again.  Our goal at Bead Challenge has been to raise enough to cover the cost of Beads of Courage at Providence each year and the trail bead replicas have been one of the best fundraisers we have had.