Beads of Courage

Artmosphere Studio is a proud supporter of Beads of Courage. The glass beads local artists make and donate go into the hands of children coping with cancer and serious illness in the program right here in Alaska or one of 150 other hospitals.  By supporting Beads of Courage we get to help children tell the story of their illness & treatment with beads that represent each procedure they undergo. Each test, needle poke, chemo or radiation treatment is represented by a bead. The lampworked glass beads we make and donate will be Acts of Courage Beads and are for major milestones & especially difficult times.  They are highly prized and represent the most significant steps, setbacks, and milestones in treatment.  

Beads of Courage Events at the Studio 

Bead Challenge - a bead raiser / fundraiser at the studio each year, usually in September in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month & in collaboration with open house at The Children's Hospital at Providence's infusion center.

How you can participate:  

Come to Bead Challenge in September.  Bring a friend who is new to glass beads or the Beads of Courage program.  

Sponsor a bead for a child in the program and write a note of encouragement to go along with it.  Everyone who comes to Bead Challenge open studio can sponsor one bead for free and pay $5 each for additions sponsorship beads.  

Purchase sponsored beads and Carry a Bead kits (all kits sold here are made by fellow Alaskan bead makers).  Carry a Bead for a child in the program on your own adventure (big or small) and share your strength any time of year - order on the Beads of Courage website.  

Make Beads for Beads of Courage  (follow the "Special Requirements" found here).  Do a warm up bead or two every time you sit down at the torch or spend a whole day making beads for kids.  You can send them directly to Beads of Courage all year long.  Local bead makers can bring them to Artmosphere Studio for Bead Challenge sponsorship beads.  Don't know how to make beads?  Take a class at Artmosphere Studio or one of dozens of participating studios across the country.  

Volunteer at our Bead Challenge open studio event.  Lampworkers can demonstrate & make beads, and anyone can help in our "Bead Store" or selling Sponsorship Beads and Beads of Courage merchandise.   

Other Beads of Courage Participation in the past:

Local glass bead artists Julie Levitt and Michelle Pearson both had beads go on the space shuttle Endeavor in May 2011 with the Beads In Space program and have been honored by being included in the Beads of Courage Hall of Fame.  

The Hot Headed Honeys (H3's) have donated beads for nearly every event possible since December, 2011 when we held our first Beads of Courage Jam Session at Glass Firenze.   

In 2012 H3's & the Alaska Bead Society started sending hand made beads on the Iditarod Trail with mushers, vets, and pilots as TEAM Beads On The Trail.   See photos of the Beads On The Trail on the H3's Facebook page here.  

Learn about or participate in Beads on the Trail 2017 here.  We send bead strands on the Iditarod Trail with mushers who share their courage & strength with the kids who will receive the beads that went on the trail!

link to BOC 

See Beads of Courage Video