Prep Session for Joy Munshower Class

Prep for Joy Munshower's upcoming class: Making Big Beads Fast 

This coaching/practice session is for advance beginner and intermediate lampworkers who want a little help in preparation for Joy's class so we spend class time learning the techniques and not toiling over building the base bead.

Michelle Waldren will coach for 2 hours and we'll have 2 hours of torch time to practice on the tanked oxy afterward.   Lunch will be pot luck style.  Michelle P will provide deli style sandwich fixings, bottled water and a few soft drinks.  

You do not need to be taking the Joy Munshower class to participate in this practice/coaching session with Michelle Waldren, but you must have proven lampworking experience and sign the studio liability waiver to participate.

Sign up via Event Bright - 3 sets left!

$75 per person.  11 a.m. to 3 .m.

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