Guest Instructor: Joy Munshower, Feb 7-8

$300 - 2 full days of instruction with Joy Munshower

Two spots open as of Jan 18, 2015 

Here is a little summary of the class:

Horses.  Yes, horses.  Joy will teach low relief sculpture very much like what Elise Strauss started doing after she came back from Italy (the flat dogs, polar bears...).  

Her teaching vehicle will be horses, but the techniques can be applied to whatever critter or form you want to explore on your own after the class.  Part of the focus of the class will be on designing the sculpture and choosing colors for different breeds - which can also be applied to other critters & forms.

This is not a beginner class, but if you can make the large base bead shown in her photos - you can do the sculpture too.  (plus we'll have a practice session on Jan 18 for those of us who need help making that big base bead fast).

See more of Joy Munshower's work at:

Contact Michelle Pearson with questions or to reserve a seat in the class: or 907-317-0469.  

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