Bead Challenge with Beads of Courage

Artmosphere Studio artists and the Alaska Bead Society sponsor a Bead Challenge for Beads of Courage!

Saturday, Sept 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

New location:  501 W 41st Ave, Unit D

Artists will be demonstrating glass bead making while they make as many Beads of Courage as they can in the 6 hours. The Bead Store will be staffed by volunteers from the Alaska Bead Society and The Children's Hospital at Providence.   Beads of Courage is an arts in medicine program that helps children with cancer and serious illness tell the the story of their treatment by collecting beads for each milestone in their treatment.  Each poke with a needle, chemotherapy infusion, missed day of school or surgery earns a specific bead.  The hand made glass beads made by lampworkers are called Acts of Courage beads and are earned for especially difficult events.  Join us to see the beads being made and to raise awareness and funds for Beads of Courage.

Alaska Lampworkers: Volunteer to demonstrate bead making at Artmosphere, Donate beads to be given and sold for the Beads of Courage Event, or do both!   

Our goal is to raise as many sponsorship beads as we can and in order to do that - we need to make them first!  Please consider making as many beads as you can for this great Bead Raising Event!

Bead Collectors, Jewelry Makers and Anyone who wants to support Beads of Courage: You can sponsor virtual beads, attend and buy beads, or make cash donations.  

Join our team by making a cash donation!

See Beads of Courage  and Call to Artists Information

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