April Classes

No classes are currently scheduled. Virtual ornament classes coming soon!   

Virtual Ornament Classes - December 2020 
Michelle will teach the holiday ornament classes for beadmakers and lampworkers with prior experience and their own flameworking space and equipment. Ornament tubes and frit will be included or available for purchase separately. 
No beadmaking classes currently scheduled, but here is what you can expect in a typical Introduction to Glass Beadmaking class in the future:  
This is an introductory glass bead making class.  It includes general safety, glass properties, equipment and tool orientation.  Then we sit down & make beads!  I start with black and white rods to make basic round beads with good puckers, then build on that with twisties and basic stringer (thin rods) decorations including dots & stripes.  Bring a lunch - we'll take a break around noon to refuel.  Beads anneal in the kiln overnight and you can pick them up the next day.  Includes 2 free hours of torch time the next day so you can try your hand again while it's still fresh! 

And just for a little extra fun - Michelle will demo a blown bird in each of the classes.  Photos below are my first flock from a class at Glass Craft Expo/ International Society of Glass Beadmakers conference in March 2017. And guess what!  They are made from pulled points - just like the ornaments! 


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